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Coupling and gluing machine

Cutter reel machine

Cutting and creasing machine

 Welcome to Dorigon. 


Since 2005, DORIGON has as its main objective the manufacture of carton coupling machines, cutting and creasing machine and Cutter reel machine, according to customer specifications.
We dispatch to the whole international territory with competence and punctuality.
Our machines accelerate and increase the productivity of the most varied segments.
Among our key objectives is to meet the demands of our customers more quickly and efficiently.

DORIGON the brand of trust.

DORIGON - Máquinas
Rua Timbales, 48 - Jardim Nossa Senhora do Carmo

08275-290 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil

Telefone: +55 (11) 2254-4695   (11) 2337-8704



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Representante Troqueladora - Uruguai

Hernan Tellechea

Espinillo 1380 bis           

Montevideo - Uruguay

Teléfono: 22095628

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