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Cutter reel machine


FC600, FC700, FC800, FC1000, FC1200, FC1400*.

(*) All models have the same specifications, change only in width.

See some types of cutting papers:

Acid-Free, Archival, Bristol Paper / Vellum Bristol, Cardboard,

Card Stock, Chip Board, Containerboard, Copy Paper, Corrugated Cardboard,  Crepe, Duplex , Kraft, Lignin-Free, Mulberry, Newsprint / Newspaper, Recycled, Vellum / Parchment Paper.



9.000 sheets / hour;

- Sheet counter with automatic shut-off;

- Electronic speed and cut command;

- Safety cap;

- Security Grid;

- Emergency button;

- Coil holder;

- Output table;;


- Conveyor belt

Cortadora Automática de Papel
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